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This Halloween season, don’t just go to any haunted house, go to Chicago’s best haunted house! Voted “Best Haunted House In Chicago”, “Scariest Haunted House in Illinois” and rated one of the “Top 25 Haunted Houses in America”, Statesville Haunted Prison® opens its jaws… er, doors this weekend!

The Dog Cage at Statesville Haunted Prison


Before you are fed to Statesville Haunted Prison and City of the Dead, you get to spend time in the Dog Cage. You can try to make yourself real small and unnoticeable, but Heretic the Clown has sharp eyes, and Fluffy… well, they say Fluffy can smell your fear.

 Find out for yourself this Halloween season – get tickets now at!

BOX O’ CLOWNS | Statesville Haunted Prison


What’s more fun than a barrel full o’ monkeys? Why, a box full o’ clowns! Just look at’em, all jolly and happy and waiting to EAT YOUR SO– er, make you laugh!

Even better, you can come visit them NOW! Statesville Haunted Prison is OPEN for the 2017 Halloween season! For full details and tickets visit!

Who Is In Control at Statesville Haunted Prison?


We interrupt our regularly scheduled Statesville Haunted Prison Security Feed to bring you this important announcement…

The lunatics have taken over the asylum, so to speak. Now see what they’ve done with the place! Get tickets now at!

See What’s Inside Ward 7 at Statesville Haunted Prison


What the doctors and medical staff in Ward 7 lack in training, education or skills, they make up in ENTHUSIASM! Just ask their patients, if you can get them to stop screaming long enough.

Congratulations to Jeff “Fluffy” Walker, Winner of’s Jim Warfield Acting Award 2016


Each year, awards the top actor/actress from that calendar year. The award is named after Jim Warfield of Raven’s Grin Inn. For more on this award please click here.

This year, there was one actor that dazzled us with his show and blew us away with his showstopping performance. Some may view him as somewhat of a celebrity at his attraction, others like to call him a friend and bring him gifts.

Haunted House Chicago would like to formally congratulate the recipient of the 2016 Jim Warfield Acting Award: Jeff Walker as “Fluffy” from Statesville Haunted Prison in Crest Hill, IL!

Working the Line | Days of the Living Dead Season 7, Episode 7


One of Statesville Haunted Prison’s claims to fame is its amazing queue line entertainment. This episode highlights the actors that actually make waiting in line for an hour fun, sometimes hilarious… and often terrifying!

How to Make VOOTS! | Days of the Living Dead Season 7, Episode 5


Our resident Terror Teacher Jillian shows you how to make VOOTS! Are they vines? Are they roots? YES! More specifically, super-cheap DIY props that can be used as vines, roots, etc. – affordable and fun set dressing for your haunted house!